“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time  more intelligently.” 

Henry Ford


Failure as an employee and as a business owner is frequently associated with following improper procedures, lack of order, weak relationships within the organization, and lack of understanding of one’ s position in regards to the rest of the business hierarchical structure.

This course “is the opportunity to begin again with greater intelligence”, providing the knowledge foundations on international business standards and procedures for human interaction and behavior.

These foundations are essential for successful performance and communication with all the members of the working environment. As well, as being a key element for ascending in the organizational structure and expanding the size of a business.


In business time is money. Time we waste doing something unproductive or counterproductive represents a monetary loss. We save time and money when we follow correct guidelines that have already been established.

The course includes amongst other concepts greetings, table manners, etiquette, organization protocol, communication etiquette, and personal image.




Special Thanks to Mont Blanc store of Centro Comercial Sambil Caracas Venezuela who provided us with a watch and necklace of the Grace Kelly Collection.

As well, Special Thanks  to England Company Centro Comercial Sambil Caracas Venezuela for providing us with their store and clothing for our Business Etiquette session.