“Princehood consists on education, a kind heart, and proper etiquette skills.” Estefania Gallart

Children are at their best stage to teach them how to properly behave and develop common sense on what is ethically correct and what is questionable therefore parents should not lose their golden age to teach children the valuable people skills provided by social etiquette.

In a world where the lack of education is abundant those that act with grace, poise, and elegance stand out with success. Don’t deny the opportunity of success to your children provide them with proper etiquette instruction so they can be the Princes and Princesses of tomorrow.


Once upon a time…

There was a Princess named Isabelle who was running away from her  castle because a foreign invasion overthrew her father the King. After walking a long distance, Princess Isabel reached a King’s castle in a  far away Spanish kingdom. Princess Isabel knocked the castle’s door in search for help. The Prince saw her in distress and decided to help the Princess by allowing her to stay in his castle for as long as she needed.

The Prince’s advisors and guards were very preoccupied with the arrival of this mysterious princess. They  had many doubts about her story. What if she was not a Princess or what if she is a Princess of another Kingdom that wants to overthrow our King?  So they made a plan to find out if the princess was really a princess and if she was loyal to Prince Richard.

The only way to find out if she was really a Princess was to test her etiquette skills. Etiquette rules and manners were established in Palaces and all real Princes and Princesses behave properly and master the social arts. There was no doubt that etiquette trials were going to reveal the truth.

The first trial… was to test her elegance and behavior at dinner. Princess Isabel eat and behaved perfectly therefore she passed the test.

The second trail… was to test her speaking abilities in front of distinguished gentlemen while she shared her life story and the history of her Kingdom. Princess Isabel passed the test,  she spoke coherently, in an educated manner, and eloquently.

The third trial was… leaving precious jewels in accessible places. The Princess passed the test. As soon as she saw the jewels she picked them up and gave them to the Prince suggesting he could put them in a safer place. A Prince or Princess that has been properly brought up would never steal. Etiquette, manners, and values will all indicate against this type of behavior always. Giving the jewels back to their owner made her a Princess.

The fourth trial was… to place her in the middle of people laughing at someone’s mistake. The Princess passed the test because she remained silent and when everyone stopped laughing she said, “everybody deserves respect and laughing at someone’s mistake is disrespectful. This person deserves an apology“. Preserving people’s dignity and integrity is definitely princely behavior.

Her last trial was … to prove her kindness towards small creatures. They left a wounded bird in her path that could not fly. The Princess passed the test because she picked him up and took care of him until he could fly again. Noble people will always be kind with all creatures big and small.


The Prince astonished at her behavior said, “she is definitely a Princess and she is honest and loyal to our Kingdom.” The Prince had fallen in love with the Princess and asked her to marry him. The Princess loved the Prince very much and she said yes.

The Prince then told her about the different trials his advisors made her go through and she said,

“Princely behavior always shines even when princehood itself  is at question.”

The Prince and the Princess got married.